Healthy Meal Delivery

Whether you're in training, trying to lose weight, or recovering from an illness, professional guidance on how to cater to specific dietary needs is invaluable. Contact me to learn more about this convenient service that I offer to select clients.

Nutrition Planning

As a triathlete I understand how important proper nutrition is to successful training for a variety of endurance events. Proper food intake before, during and after your event makes all the difference. Follow Multisport Gourmet on Facebook.

Culinary Instruction + Consulting

Offering the finest in professional nutrition and managerial advice. Restaurants run better with experienced, professional guidance. One-on-one or in a group setting.

Gourmet Catering

Parties are more entertaining and all together easier on you when professionally catered. Plan your next event by letting me help.

Event Planning

Contact me to help you begin planning your next event, big or small! My years of know-how and extensive resources will guarantee things run smoothly.


Download the Radish app for delivery of healthy, freshly prepared meals to your door in minutes. New menu items are prepared daily under my watchful eye.